You’ve got 700 hairsprays… continued

Last week, with the house up for sale, I began to address a question that plagues many product junkies: How will I ever hide/display all my products, makeup, and endless beauty paraphernalia so it doesn’t look as though a mad scientist lives here?

Here are a few more ideas that make my product obsession live-able, some in the big-bucks range, some in the budget-friendly department:

Elfa Closets:

Thanks for ruining me on 'normal' closets FOREVER, Elfa!

Thanks for ruining me on ‘normal’ closets FOREVER, Elfa!

Elfa Closets from the Container Store made the bigger closets in the house look clean and organized. Are you familiar? These customized organizers are TOTAL game-changers. The high quality drawers and shelving make you WANT to arrange everything neatly …and then stand back to admire your work like, “Dang, I’m good.” (by the way, check out my re-purposed Nordstrom boxes to hide yes, -products- and less display-worthy clothing items. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, people!)

Anyway, with the closets I chose ranging from $500-$800-ish per closet, I had to forgo installing everywhere… So I had to get creative with product storage in the linen closets:

Maser Bathroom Linen Closet at the Product Pro's place

Master Bathroom Linen Closet at the Product Pro’s place

Here is my master bath linen closet. Products that are higher up are reachable with lazy-susans from the kitchen section at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have a 2-tiered LS on the top shelf, and also a small one under the sink.:



Also notice the cute white BISLEY drawers at the bottom.


This is my new favorite organizer. The drawers open and close smoothly and products don’t roll around inside. I bought 3 of these originally, one in file cabinet size, this one, and a small one- originally meant for the office. Remember- its all about thinking outside the box! Can’t figure out how to store something in your bathroom or office? Check the kitchen section, and vice versa.

These organizer drawers are just a little too little...

These organizer drawers are just a little too little…

Here are some small organizer drawers from the container store in the garage section. Really though, these tiny drawers are cramping my style a bit… just a touch small for as many products as I’m trying to store- but maybe good if you sew, or I dunno… collect buttons or something???

Good luck to your VISA, by the way, if you get excited about Elfa or Bisley. These solutions are not the cheapest options, but you can make it up by spending less somewhere else, like here:

Holla! (these are from the dollar store)

Holla! (these are from the dollar store)

This is a shot from my hallway linen closet. These baskets are from the dollar store! Yes, the dollar store! Ok, not loving the color as much, but the varying sizes and super cheap price-point make me like them a little more… I guess they can’t ALL be Elfa. (yet!)

So keep your eyes open in unlikely departments and happy shopping:  Product Organization can be had with an $800 closet or an $8 closet!

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2 thoughts on “You’ve got 700 hairsprays… continued

  1. mweiler82 says:

    I am also totally in love with Elfa closets. I am excite to explore Elfa office setups in the future!

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