BOTOX for Babies- Part 4: The Super Natural

Have you been nervous to try an injectable because of bruising or discomfort? Read on…

There is a TOTAL laundry list of things to avoid little bruises and lessen the very slight (and temporary) discomfort from an injectable cosmetic treatment, but here’s a tip based on my experiences in the office:

Homeopathic Remedies: Arnica Montana Supplements and Vitamin K Oxide:

If you have bruise-anxiety, using an Arnica Montana supplement could be a good option for you. Arnica Montana is an herbal supplement, which is anecdotally known to reduce swelling and bruising. Here’s a link to a post I wrote on the ‘why’s’ of bruising.

The Arnica Montana Flower is also known as ‘Mountain Daisy’, and is quite pretty before it makes it into supplement form.

Here's the Arnica Flower before it grows up to become a cosmetic procedure hero!

Here’s the Arnica Flower before it grows up to become a cosmetic procedure hero!

Although taking Arnica Montana can be worth it, it can also be a little high-maintenance (in my opinion). Depending on the brand and dosage, users can be instructed to take up to 9 (or even more) of them a day! (I usually forget at least a couple times). But thankfully, Arnica is pretty easy to take. Typically they’re just dissolving tabs that you put under your tongue.  Vitamedica is one brand I really like. You can browse/purchase theirs by clicking here.

Here’s a link to another popular one:

It’s generally a good idea to start Arnica about 3-4 days before your injectable treatment. If you still get a little bruise, continue it after the procedure to help it go away faster. Arnica is also available in topical forms. As another option, you could try Vitamin K Oxide, in Auriderm® post-op gel. Vitamin K Oxide, (different from plain ole’ Vitamin K) helps the body heal faster. I actually like the Auriderm the best of any that I’ve tried.

 postop gel

To cover all your bases, you can use both topicals and the sublingual tabs! Arnica Montana is contraindicated for people with certain conditions, so check with your doctor to be sure you’re a good candidate.

Your doc will likely have specific instructions for you, including post-care. Please note: this is post is simply meant to be fun and informative, *not the authority on your health* so please always follow your doctors instructions… and NOT what you read on the internet. (yes, this blog included!)

Keep in mind that there are always risks to every procedure, so chat it up with your physician to make sure these procedures are appropriate for you… Until Next time: Stay safe, and fabulous!


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