BOTOX for Babies- Part 5: Request the red carpet treatment

Have you been nervous to try an injectable because of bruising or discomfort? Read on…

There is a TOTAL laundry list of ways to avoid little bruises or lessen the slight (and temporary) discomfort from an injectable cosmetic treatment, but here is one of my tips based on my experiences in the office:

Ask for the VIP (filler) treatment:

Ever thought you could get Juvederm, Restylane, or other soft-tissue filler without the scary needle? Well you can, if your doctor uses blunt-tipped cannulas. Blunt-tipped cannulas are like the more innocent, duller cousin of the dreaded sharp needle. They aren’t sharp, so they won’t poke around and upset the tissue.  Check out my other post on Dermasculpt Cannulas here, a brand of a blunt-tipped cannula. 

If your doc uses them, ask if you’re a good candidate- you’ll be glad you did! They allow for less trauma to the area, so that means a more comfortable, smoother treatment with less chance of bruising. This is great for areas like the lips, the naso-labial folds, and the cheeks!

Here is a great video illustrating the difference between the cannula and a needle, they show a close up so it’s really easy to see (Don’t worry if you’re a wimp, they don’t inject anybody in the video- it’s just a neat comparison!) (warning: you have to create a free account to view it)

it JUST doesn't have to be this way!

it JUST doesn’t have to be this way!

Your doc will likely have specific instructions for you, including post-care. Please note: this post is simply meant to be fun and informative, *not the authority on your health* so please always follow your doctor’s instructions… and NOT what you read on the internet. (yes, this blog included!)

Keep in mind that there are always risks to every procedure, so chat it up with your physician to make sure these procedures are appropriate for you… Until Next time: Stay safe, and fabulous!


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