Product Review: 4 stars: Tensage SCA Intensive Serum 40

Word on the Street/Company Claims:

Cryptomphalus Aspersa, a type of snail which has evolved to heal itself with it’s own secreted Glycoproteins and growth factors, is the source for this concentrated anti-aging serum. SCA is used both for post-procedure (when you REALLY have to kick up the healing process) and to heal sun-damaged or aged skin in a daily home-care regimen. This particular product is in ampoule-form, and contains the highest concentration of SCA. Used either daily for 7 days and then one time per week, or once in-office followed by 3 days in a row (then weekly after that), this growth factor promotes healing and skin health. Additional benefits include:

  • Helping to repair skin damage caused by environmental smoke and toxins
  • Helping skin recover from the effects of sun damage
  • Helping skin heal after laser and aesthetic treatments
  • When you just have to look REALLY GOOD: Use this cosmetically elegant treatment Serum 1-2 times a day the week before your upcoming event – this glorious Serum provides a beautiful, brightening and smoothing effect – perfect to prep for a special occasion or event!
The stuff dreams are made of. Thanks little Aspersa!

The stuff dreams are made of. Thanks little Aspersa!

Appropriate for who?:

Those who are concerned with anti-aging or preventative maintenance, those who may be healing from a procedure, dry skin, mature skin

NOT so good for:

Very, very reactive/sensitive skin types may detect tingling when this product is applied. Anyone who experiences irritation should call their skin care provider.

Totally Fabuliz: (Favorite part):

This serum feels like an in-office treatment… but you can have it at home whenever you want! I love this after a dermaplaning! Although it’s got an elegant serum-consistency, it absorbs completely and does not make me feel oily or break out. It feels like it brightens and smoothes after using it once.

Just OK: n/a! I love it.

Needs work: n/a!

Star Rating:

★★★★4 Stars:  Pretty much deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, want it/need it/ have to have it!

Here I'm attemting to demonstrate the consistency... a little hard to see, but there were no snails around at the time!

Here I’m attempting to demonstrate the consistency. A little hard to see, but there were no snails around at the time who I could borrow…

Misc Notes/Other need-to-know’s:

-Depending on how dry I am when I apply it, I can feel a brief tingle or warmth sensation. It only lasts for a moment, and doesn’t bother me. I understand this to be the vehicle, which then evaporates.

-The ampoules can be used in several different ways, ask your skin care professional in what intervals they recommend using it.

-Check out my Post on Biopelle’s Tensage SCA technology here

Bottom Line:

While I still love the technology behind the highly concentrated HUMAN growth factor in TNS Recovery Complex and TNS Essential Serum, this natural growth factor offers a different approach… with a fun-to-use, cosmetically elegant edge.

As far as it feels, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Others who have tried it agree. And who doesn’t love a little instant gratification, backed with some good anti-aging science??

Well done, little snails! We thank you!


★1 Star: Might pass this one up

★★2 Stars: Okay for the money

★★★3 Stars: Really nice product, I’d buy it

★★★★4 Stars: Pretty much deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, want it/need it/ have to have it!

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