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Alert, Alert!! New Obagi Medical Products System, available next week!!

My lovely Obagi representative just alerted me to a new Obagi Medical Products line, specifically designed for those in their 20’s and 30’s, but likely appropriate for anyone who may not want or need an Rx Tretinoin (or anything ‘hardcore’, per se).

She didn’t have any literature to send me yet, but referred me to the Youtube vid here… which, at the time that I viewed it, only had 63 views!! This is new, hot off the press!

Obagi 360 features only 3 products: an exfoliating cleanser, a retinol .5 to use at night, and a hydrating broad-spectrum SPF. This line promises simplicity, gentle care, an emphasis on consistency and routine, and maintenance! Well done, Obagi… can’t wait to hear more!!

Until next time, stay fabulous my friends!

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New (super cute) Device Monitors Sun Exposure: We’re now OFFICIALLY out of Excuses

Has anyone seen the June device yet?

It’s existence was just announced by Netatmo at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s a an electronic device that looks like a wrap bracelet… a somehow good-looking wrap bracelet! Amazingly, its actually a REALLY PRETTY bracelet, unlike my Fit Bit Force or my clunky and my obvious and chunky Body Bugg Arm Band!! Obviously I’m impressed with the styling here, but Ok- I’ll get on with it:  This wearable device-in-disguise actually monitors your sun exposure.

With the June device, you can check in to see how you’re doing on your UV exposure-levels from your smart phone. This way, you know what peak-times to stay in, when to re-apply SPF, and when to ‘call it a day’ after a daytime jaunt involving plenty of daylight exposure. With more than 2 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the US each year, I hope this little guy takes off! It’s not released yet, but I’ll be watching closely for its launch- can’t wait to try it out!

**WAIT** Do you know why it's more fabulous than these other wearable devices?? I just read that it was designed by a designer/collaborator from Louis Vuitton. Ok, now we understand why it's good-looking.  (image courtesy of

**WAIT** Do you know why it’s more fabulous than these other wearable devices?? I just read that it was designed by a designer/collaborator from Louis Vuitton. Ok, now we understand why it’s good-looking.
(image courtesy of

Here is a video to watch on the topic:

Will you be wearing a June?? I think I will be!

Until next time, stay fabulous, my friends!

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New Year… New Manicure! Getting Philosophical on the Treadmill

Happy New Year! I’m coming to you LIVE from my local gym (seriously).

I barely made it in here today, even with my super New Years Resolve. Come on, you know how it goes… the day can really get away from you! But I digress.

Back to Blogging: I don’t know about you, but I do my best thinking on the treadmill. I was thinking about future blog-post topics when it struck me: my new no-chip mani actually MATCHES my treadmill. Coincidence?? I’m not so sure…


Notice how the subdued silver polish plays up the CYBEX logo. The elements of the manicure and the treadmill both paying homage to a New Years Resolve and a culture with a preoccupation with health, beauty, and sometimes appearance. WOAH: I can feel art school coming back. I better stop now…

The Universe (and/or my ultra-talented guru nail pro/business-owner role model, Annie) might be trying to tell me (or remind me of) something.

Is it: you had one too many Christmas Cookies. You should stay on that T-mill for an extra 20 minutes?

Although, it could just be: these colors are awesome. More awesome than treadmills, though.

But even better, maybe it’s that: sometimes we have to take moments for ourselves, even when were busy.

So besides showing off my new no-chip, I think my point here is this: People get busy. But don’t forget to take a moment for yourself… Be it a manicure, a yoga class, an afternoon with the fam, or a rockin’ workout. It’s important, you guys!

That’s all she wrote! Back to blasting calories for me. And until next time, stay fabulous, my friends!

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