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Things that make you go ‘Hmmm!’: Cool SPF Photography

Here’s some really great videography illustrating essentially how SPF can help protect your skin. Remember to re-apply! :)

Until next time, stay fabulous my friends!

Have you heard? HALO is the word!

Ok, I meant to post this a few weeks ago… time flies!! But I’m too excited about this technology to let this one sit in my ‘drafts’ folder any longer. Read on about our fabulous new laser technology!

Have you heard of HALO?

Erickson Cosmetic Dermatology is the first in the nation to receive this awesome new laser resurfacing technology!

Here is Dr. Erickson and Sciton laser platform, fully loaded with the new Halo

Here is Dr. Erickson and her Sciton laser platform, fully loaded with the new HALO

Halo at Erickson Dermatology

Here we are with Sonja from Sciton, who came out from San Francisco to to certify Jennifer and I on the new technology!

In a nutshell, it provides the results of an intense/major laser resurfacing, but without the downtime. I had one myself, and it was amazing! I will be posting more about it soon!

Check it out here:

And until next time, stay fabulous, my friends!