3 Fast Facts: Skinmedica Vitamin C & E Complex

I started 3 fast facts because I could go on forever about some of these products… which can make writing about them a little daunting.  Instead of overthinking (and therefore procrastinating), I’ll just use this category to finally touch on some of my favorite products & three reasons you might love them too! 



Three Fast Facts About: SkinMedica C & E Complex

This satin-finish antioxidant feels like a makeup primer

This satin-finish antioxidant feels like a makeup primer

➢ Fact 1

This fantastic product is a topical antioxidant used to protect the skin from future damage, promotes cell renewal, and increases the build of collagen. Topical vitamin C’s have been known to reduce inflammation (think rosacea and post-sun exposure) and brighten the skin. These are usually great for everybody with the exception of super oily skin types, and some very sensitive or fragile types.

➢ Fact 2

Usually Vitamin C is really unstable… always about to oxidize and bite the dust. In this case, the vitamins are suspended in a silicone (dimethicone suspension) base so they are gradually released throughout the day and won’t oxidize. This assures that your product isn’t weakened or *GASP* causing oxidation. This is an ANTI-OXIDANT, for goodness sake. But don’t become oxidation paranoid, you’re safe with this formula.

There are 2 forms of beneficial C in there, too… lipid soluble and water soluble. Covering our bases here.

➢ Fact 3

The above-mentioned dimethicone suspension is not just a great delivery system, it feels like an awesome makeup primer! This super-satin finish will make you look forward to applying it. Use it in the AM’s to protect against the onslaught of free-radical threats that you’ll meet in your day. Your skin will thank you for it!

Here’s a link to learn more about it:



Until Next time, Stay Fabulous, My Friends!

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One thought on “3 Fast Facts: Skinmedica Vitamin C & E Complex

  1. Jean says:

    I really like this product.

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