Life Savers: The Best Products To Use After A Peel – for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

If you’ve ever had a chemical peel (maybe you’re recovering from one now) you know that the days after the treatment can be interesting… From trying to apply makeup over dry, flaky skin to explaining to co-workers or significant others that no, you don’t have dried milk on your chin, and yes, this is supposed to be happening.


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“No, I didn’t just have a chemical peel, did YOU?”

Besides trying to look as normal as possible, it’s very important to use gentle products that won’t irritate the skin -or worse for social scenarios- cause additional dryness. 

I thought I’d share my favorite moisturizer and recovery products to use post-procedure, but as always: be sure to follow the instructions given to you by your skin care professional or doctor, and always use plenty of SPF!

The Best Post-Peel Products for Oily or Acne-Prone Skin Types

LaRoche Posay Thermal Spring Water This versatile product is much more than a can of spray water. Rich in restoring elements like selenium, The water from the thermal springs in LaRoche Posay France has been used historically to treat burn victims, wounds, and critical skin disorders.. It’s neutral pH and delicate mister makes it a gentle refresher, toner, and a great way to set mineral make up, even on a daily basis.

Skinmedica TNS Recovery Complex This potent mixture of Human Growth Factors layers under moisturizers and makeup to accelerate the healing process. A light gel formula, it absorbs quickly for a clean finish. This product is also great to use daily for anti-aging, whether you are post procedure or not!

Skinmedica UltraSheer Moisturizer This oil-free, sheer moisturizer won’t cause breakouts, nor will it leave you feeling ‘eh’ in the moisturizing-department, as some lightweight moisturizers will. This potent formula absorbs quickly and boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself with multiple forms of Vitamin C and oil-soluble E (antioxidants).

No Break Out Zone: Ultra Sheer and Hydrate are perfect moisture for anyone who wants a matte, clean finish

No Break Out Zone: Ultra Sheer and Hydrate are perfect moisture for anyone who wants a matte, clean finish

Obagi Hydrate This go-to for clean-finish, medium-weight matte moisturizer is perf’ for all of you acne-prone beauties. In my many experiences over the years with Hydrate, I feel confident claiming that it will NOT break you out. I repeat: It will not make you break out.

It’s a great medium-weight, middle-of-the-road consistency moisturizer for oilier types that still need hydration. The unique time release formula actually releases moisture to the dermis -yep, way down there- consistently over the course of 8 hours! Read my old-school post on it here. 

May the Force be With You! And be sure to watch for my next editions of Life Savers: The best post-peel products for All Skin Types, Dry and Mature, and “Trouble Spots”. And until next time, stay fabulous my friends!

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