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Oh hello beautiful, thanks for popping by! In case we’ve just met, welcome! To date, nothing I have posted to date has ever been sponsored. Ok, glad we cleared that up, and I’m glad you’re here!

Stay Fabulous, My Friends!

Elizabeth “E” Weiler MBA, LE, CAC, CLT

I’m a licensed aesthetician, practice manager, medical assistant, certified laser technician, and certified aesthetic consultant. I started my own consulting LLC in 2013, but have also been working full time to serve patients and their physicians in the Chicago area since 2005.

This year, I graduated with my MBA from DePaul in Chicago. Watch out, world ;)

I’ll be blogging about all things skincare, great treatments, non-surgical, plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, of course: PRODUCTS.

I’m a product JUNKIE. Total. Junkie. (mainly skincare, but makeup/other fabulosity too). I’m talking mad scientist, here, people.

Over the years, I have earned the trust of my clients and have come to pride myself in fusing transparency and education with discerning clientele who demand next-level cosmetic elegance and real, predictable outcomes.

I test, experience, and research everything for myself and ensure I’m getting REAL feedback from my beloved patients before I recommend it. To date, nothing I have posted to date has ever been sponsored. If I’m ever provided trade sizes or samples, it’s literally just because of my full-time profession.

Why? My clients and patients who seek valid, results-oriented, high-quality stuff. My reputation depends on it. If I’m suggesting that my clients/patients take something home, you can bet that I’ve read about it, stalked it late-night on the internet, lived it, breathed it, and used it. Myself.

Stay fabulous, my friends!

Check out my site for more info on me: www.med-e-spa.com

Click Here to View my LinkedIn Page

Until next time, Stay Fabulous My Friends!

Here's me performing a dermaplaning treatment. I love collaborating with peers to share the wealth :) Here. I’m demonstrating a dermaplaning treatment at a clinical staff training.


One thought on “About E

  1. Ashton Curtis says:

    I came across your after results of the Halo and was curious roughly how long your redness lasted & when you started “flaking”. Thank you!

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