About E

I’m a licensed aesthetician, practice manager, medical assistant, certified laser technician, and certified aesthetic consultant. I’ll be blogging about all things skincare, plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, the trials and tribulations of small business ownership (my consulting LLC), and of course: PRODUCTS.

I’m a product JUNKIE. Total. Junkie. (mainly skincare, but makeup and other fun goodies too.)

My bathroom looks like a mad scientist has moved in… just short of the beakers filled with green smoking fluid, that is.

I have to try everything for myself (and on myself!) before I recommend it to my clients and patients who seek valid, results-oriented, high quality stuff. My reputation depends on it. If I’m suggesting that my clients/patients take something home, you can bet that I’ve read about it, stalked it late-night on the internet, and used it. Plus, I love nerdy cosmetic science stuff!!

I’m currently the Practice Manager and Aesthetic Director of a Cosmetic Dermatology Office I helped launch in Chicago: Erickson Cosmetic Dermatology, Laser & MedSpa on Michigan Avenue. Check out my site for more info on me: www.med-e-spa.com

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Until next time, Stay Fabulous My Friends!

Here's me performing a dermaplaning treatment.

Here’s me performing a dermaplaning treatment.


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