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#spoiled @neology (investing in the future)

Hello my gorgeous friend, it’s been way too long.

I’ve been studying hard and almost done with my MBA program at Depaul University in Chicago. Needless to say, I’ve been tied up with case studies, homework-laden weekends and exams… but I’m graduating soon and will walk in the ceremony in June. Whew!

As difficult as it’s been, staying focused on the future by investing in education has always served me. Whether it’s professional development, science and technology, or business school, I’ve always been a big believer that to be the best we can be, we *always* need to keep learning!

To jump back in and reconnect with my blog, I thought I would share a few photos from and advanced training with Neocutis Skincare in Chicago this week:

Thank you @neocutis_chicago @jillwolf2000 for hosting the most glamorous education event ever! I’m a few days late posting, but still reveling in the glow of the next-level training, the new friends I made, and the #neocutis skincare swag 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️Connect with Jill for the best of the best in support and skincare technology for your patients (and self!) 🥂💁‍♀️💖 #neology #neocutisskincare #skincare #skincareroutine #nextlevel #growthfactors

Check out Neocutis here.

Our top-sellers are the MPC MICROFIRM neck and décolleté, BioCream, the Award-winning Lumiere Eye Cream, and MPC MicroEyes Riche.

And until next time, stat fabulous my friends!

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The Skincare Ingredient You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Neocutis has long been known as a skin care leader for their innovations in growth factor technology. (Read more about that here) 

The newest NEOCUTIS skin care line, MICRO•ESSENTIALS, is now available – and after weeks of experimentation, I can confidently say: I’m nuts about it. This brand new class of anti-aging brings a new addition ingredient to skin care – So what IS the newest thing, you ask?

The short answer: A brand new blend of peptides.

The short answer, explained: Inspired by matrikine technology, MPC™ (Micro Protein Complex) uses a new blend of peptides to help defend against and correct the visible signs of skin aging.

What will these fancy peptides actually do for me, you ask?

  • They stimulate Collagen 1, 3, and 7 (7 is the kind way deep down there, helping with “foundational” support of the skin. Think firm!)
  •  They stimulate your own production of Hylauronic Acid (HA). HA might sound familiar, it’s a popular ingredient in moisturizers, hydrating serums, and fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. It’ll keep your skin plump and hydrated.
  • They stimulate elastin synthesis. This is exciting, there’s not many products/ingredients out there that’ll do this.

The NEOCUTIS MICRO•ESSENTIALS line includes five products to help you kick butt in the anti-aging department:

MICRO•DAY™ Rejuvenating Cream:

  • Broad-spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 30
  • An all-in-one for the girl on the go, this moisturizing product also delivers anti-oxidant protection
  • Tinted and creamy, yet sheer and satiny consistency is lovely to apply and great for most all skin types

MICRO•NIGHT™ Rejuvenating Cream 

  • Finally… A great anti-aging product that isn’t too heavy, but still restores moisture. It’s about time we had a new product in this category.
  • Smooths skin and improves firmness while you sleep.

MICRO•EYES™ Rejuvenating Cream 

  • If you like Lumiere, you’ll LOVE this
  • alleviates the signs of fatigue
  • Light consistency, noticeable results
  • helps make the delicate skin around the eyes resistant to the signs of aging.
  • Safe to use on upper lids too! Woot!

MICRO•SERUM Intensive Treatment 

  • The Cadillac of the line, this glorious serum is the highest concentration of our new found peptide friends.
  • Absolutely lovely upon application, not sticky or goopy… Just elegant and enjoyable as it smoothed over skin.
  • goes beyond fine lines and wrinkles to address additional signs of aging, including elasticity, tone and texture.

The mack-daddy of MPC, Micro Serum

MICRO•FIRM: Check out my post about this 5-star product here. I am head-over-heels for this awesome serum-meets-cream rejuvenating and firming intensive treatment!!

If you’re interested in adding this new cutting-edge peptide to your regimen, find it at a doctors office near you! And in the meantime, stay fabulous, my friends!

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Nuts about it Now: Neocutis

I will admit: I was hesitant to experiment with Neocutis a few years back because I am SUCH a SkinMedica TNS fan. Like, an Ultra-Fan.

But of course I have to keep my eyes and ears open for different and new ways to use products and new technology etc… so I dove in.

I loved the way the Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream felt, and really enjoyed the brightness it seemed to provide my eye area. I really enjoyed using the Exfoliating Skin Cleanser (featuring 10% Glycolic acid) which did not make my skin feel stripped. I also really loved the convenience of the Journee, a one-stop-shop anti-aging product featuring a sunscreen, a slight tint, and PSP, Neocutis’ growth factor. By far, my favorite of the group was the Bio-Serum: a concentrated growth-factor intensive that helped the clarity of my skin and the texture simultaneously.

Neocutis theProductPro

I’m nuts about this now: Neocutis goodies

I recently became re-familiarized with the line when my good friend Jill took on the Chicago Neocutis territory and dropped in to school me on the swiss technology …and let me play around with the products again. I am pretty excited about the line again, it’s just as good as I remember and I even had the chance to do a couple split-face comparisons with other products. (More about that in another post).  In the meantime, here is a another post I wrote about Neocutis and their approach to skin care technology: to check that out, Click Here

And until next time, Stay Fabulous, My Friends!

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Product Review: Tensage Radiance Eye Cream SCA 10

Word on the Street/Company Claims:

Cryptomphalus Aspersa, a type of snail which has evolved to heal itself with it’s own secreted Glycoproteins and growth factors, is the source for this concentrated anti-aging eye cream. SCA is used both for post-procedure (when you REALLY have to kick up the healing process) and to heal sun-damaged or aged skin in a daily home-care regimen. This particular product is a light/medium consistency slightly-tinted eye cream.

Biopelle’s Website says this product:

  • is tinted for a more even skin tone
  • contains antioxidant and growth factor properties
  • delivers a firming and tightening effect
  • continuously hydrates the area around the eye

Get ready to be IMPRESSED

This product actually smoothes and evens tone… I couldn’t believe my eyes! ;)

Appropriate for who?:

Those who are concerned with anti-aging or preventative maintenance, those who like a lighter consistency, & those who have uneven skin tone under their eyes.

NOT so good for:

Those with very, very crepey, very wrinkled, or SUPER excessively dry eye-areas. I don’t believe that the light consistency would cut-it for these patients, and they may not desire the tint in the formulation.

Totally Fabuliz: (Favorite part):

My favorite part has got to be the tint- which I have to admit, I did not feel like I needed. I have very thin skin, but thankfully not much darkness or blue-ish tint from underlying vessels at all. Yet, I love it! The tint makes the whole area look more even and smooth, but isn’t heavy or makeup-like in consistency.

Just OK: n/a! I love it.

Needs work: n/a!

Star Rating:

★★★★4 Stars:  Pretty much deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, want it/need it/ have to have it!

Misc Notes/Other need-to-know’s:

-This is Biopelle’s most popular ‘fly’s off the shelf’ product in the Tensage line. I can see why after using it!

-Check out my Post on Biopelle’s Tensage SCA technology here

Yes, it's tinted. You are right to be impressed.

Yes, it’s tinted. You are right to be impressed.

Bottom Line:

This product feels like it tightens and smoothes after just using it once, and who doesn’t love a bit of instant gratification? With prolonged use (I’m using it twice a day), I’m seeing some brightening and hydration.

While I still love the technology behind the highly concentrated HUMAN growth factor in TNS Recovery Complex and TNS Essential Serum, this natural growth factor offers a different approach… with a fun-to-use, cosmetically elegant edge.

Well done AGAIN, little snails! We thank you!


★1 Star: Might pass this one up

★★2 Stars: Okay for the money

★★★3 Stars: Really nice product, I’d buy it

★★★★4 Stars: Pretty much deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, want it/need it/ have to have it!

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OBSESSED. (no snails were harmed in the making of this post)

It sounds like a strange, anti-aging fairy tale: A special breed of prehistoric snail has evolved to produce secretions of growth factors and glycoproteins. These snails are farmed in a facility in Spain, and their secretions are harvested for use in an anti-aging product. Yes, one that you put on your skin.*

EEEK!  ...WAIT. This will make my skin better??? ...OK, carry on.

…WAIT. This will make my skin better??? …OK, carry on.

*I know what you may be thinking… (I was thinking it, too) So I asked: Their secretions are filtered for purity before use.

This technology is called SCA, which stands for Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspersa, and has been helping patients to heal after cosmetic procedures. It is also used as part of a homecare regimen, which is how I’ve been experimenting with it.

I had the pleasure of trying (albeit, reluctantly at first!) 3 super fabulous products: Tensage Intensive Serum 40 SCA, Tensage Soothing Cream 3 SCA, and Tensage Radiance Eye Cream 10 SCA. The number at the end is what Biopelle (the makers of the line) call the Biorepair Index Number, and represents the percentage concentration of SCA in each product.

My Snail Serum Score

My Snail Serum Score

I have to say, I am always leery at first when a new product appears on my radar. Especially when the claims seem fairytale-like in nature. But I cannot deny how awesome this makes my skin look! It’s smoother, my breakouts are healing (yes, I’m totally acne-prone) and my skin tone is evening out after a long summer honing my skills in beach volleyball.

And these products are instant-gratification-city. Not only are they cosmetically elegant and light in consistency, but my skin looks like something out of a fairy-tale when I’ve got them on!

And of course, the proof is in the pudding: they’ve got some very nice studies to back it all up. Because it’s one thing if it makes you LOOK good, but it is actually DOING anything? Seems as though the answer here is yes. Here’s a short, fairly-understandable read on how this snail secretion inspires proliferation of human keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts when used topically. So, even though I’m imagining Spanish snails living happily on a farm, now it’s a bit less fairytale for me. ;)

Stay tuned for individual product reviews for these, and until next time- stay fabulous, my friends!

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Beauty on the Brain: What’s on my countertop right now

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

If you’re anything like me, you use a holiday weekend (BONUS DAY!) to have some fun AND get a little bit ahead of the game. I had a chance to get organized and thought I would share what’s on my Review To-Do list, and what I’m playing around with now!

Getting Glam

MAC Cosmetics Pressed Pigments (new collection 2013) in Blonde Streak and Black Grape: picked these babies up at the MAC pro store on Armitage in Chicago last week. Loving these so far! If you try them, be sure to do your foundation AFTER your eyes (despite being easier to use than MAC Pigments, there can still be plenty of fallout)

These guys can be just a little messy… but they’re not as bad as their big brother, MAC Pigment

Not all glosses are created equal

e.l.f HD Blushes and e.l.f Super Glossy Lip ShinesI picked up a bevy of these inexpensive OTC products in lots of colors to mess around with, and it seems that there is a pretty big difference in consistency based on which colors I am using- crazy! For example, the “Honey Do” gloss is sticky and unenjoyable… but “Goddess” is a dream to wear. This should be interesting…

But oh yeah: they were only $1. So as long as they aren’t like, tar or poison or something, it will be worth it to find a keeper! =)

Snake Oil? No, Snail Serum!

Biopelle Tensage Products: Have you heard? Snail Secretions is being used as an anti-aging element. At this point, I’m only scratching the surface with my research… but here’s what I know so far: Companies are using snail secretions in facial products for anti-aging. It sounds a little weird so far, but the theory is that (pre-historic?) snails have evolved over time to protect themselves from environmental damage/ repair injuries, and are secreting growth factors and glycoproteins that are great for our skin. I need to do my homework and check out some clinical data, but in the meantime, I’m hearing good things!

Biopelle Tensage SCA 8 Biorepair Index is a particular brand of snail serum product that I’m experimenting with. SCA stands for Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspersa, which I understand to be the type of snail. Biopelle Tensage Eye Contour Cream is their super popular slightly-tinted eye product, and I am LOVING it so far. Absolutely LOVING it. I’ll be sure to review this as I learn more!

Slow and Steady wins the race! Wait: maybe that only applies to tortoises...

Slow and Steady wins the race!
Wait: maybe that only applies to tortoises…

Have a safe holiday and until next time: Stay Fabulous my friends!

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