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BOTOX for Babies: PART 2- Just give me the drugs, Doc!

Have you been nervous to try an injectable because of bruising or discomfort? Read on…

There is a TOTAL laundry list of ways to avoid little bruises or lessen the slight (and temporary) discomfort from an injectable cosmetic treatment, but here is one of my tips based on my experiences in the office:

“Missed me, missed me, now you have to kiss me!”  -your blood vessels

Even if you’re a Seasoned Injection Veteran who’s not so concerned with discomfort, I believe you should ask for the topical anesthetic (if you’re not allergic or have other contraindications).

Why? Your doctor might use a topical anesthetic called LET (4% lidocaine, 1:2000 epinephrine, 0.5% tetracaine) which constricts blood vessels. This means that the blood vessels can kind of shrink up and there’s less of a chance of hitting them. I think it’s a win/win: less discomfort, and less of a chance of the dreaded bruise.

Now, this part is purely anecdotal, and just my opinion based on what I’ve personally seen in the office: but I think even topical anesthetic without the epinephrine can help prevent bruises. So, if your doctor’s office doesn’t use LET, I would still ask for the BLT (20% benzocaine, 6% lidocaine, 4% tetracaine) or similar. I haven’t read anywhere that these other compounded topicals are actually proven vaso-constrictors, but if you try it, let me know what you think! Hey, at least it won’t hurt!

Missed me!! Beep Beep! (With LET, your vessels can be the roadrunner!!)

Missed me!! Beep Beep!
(With LET, your vessels can be less of a target and more like the roadrunner!!)

Your doc will likely have specific instructions for you, including post-care. Please note: this is post is simply meant to be fun and informative, *not the authority on your health* so please always follow your doctors instructions… and NOT what you read on the internet. (yes, this blog included!)

Keep in mind that there are always risks to every procedure, so chat it up with your physician to make sure these procedures are appropriate for you… Until Next time: Stay safe, and fabulous!

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